Everyday our Volunteers walk the City streets to provide food and medical care to help animals in need. We feed approximately forty dogs per day. We need your support to help more.

Cada día nuestros voluntarios caminan las calles para proveer comida y asistencia médica a los animales que lo necesitan. Alimentamos en promedio 40 perros por día. 

Necesitamos tu apoyo para ayudar a más!

Travel Companion / Escort

One of our social programs is CONNECT. The idea is to give to this furry friends an opportunity to find a new and lovely home in another country.

This is a very simple but effective way to support this  social cause.  If you or any member of your family wants to join and are traveling from Canada to DR and are willing to be part of this change this way to help will be for you.


The process is really easy since we take care of all the paper work and costs, Prior your arrival to DR we will be in touch and let you know how the procedure will be  but what can we tell you is that is as simple as show at the check in area at the airport on your departure day and identify the dog as part of your luggage. Then once you arrive in Canada there will be someone at the airport waiting for this lovely furry friend to meet is new home.


You can also be part of this change. Help us so we can help some more.


Thank you again.

How you can help...be a travel companion to one of our rescues.

This allows us to take in one more from the streets.

If you are travelling to the Dominican Republic; and are able and willing to take a furry friend with you when you return home to Canada please reach out to us. 

You may be able to save the life of a dog or cat.

We would need to know your date of arrival and departure (airline and flight number) in advance so that we can have everything ready for you...

  • Prior to arriving to Dominican Republic, we would reach out to you to let you know all of the details of this process.

  • We would look after any costs for paperwork, vaccines, vet checks, pet travel accommodation/crate.

  • And we would be sure that the rescue pet is fit to travel before your departure date, and that they meet all entrance requirements for Canada. 


You would need to identify that the rescue animal (crate) is part of your baggage to the airline when departing from the DR.

You would need to provide the paperwork to Canadian Customs upon arrival.  There may be a fee of approximately $30.00 for release of the animal so be sure to keep any receipts. 

There will be someone at the airport waiting for this lovely furry friend to meet their new home.  

This is a very simple yet effective way to support these innocent dogs and cats. 

By taking one more of them off the streets.  


You have allowed us to help even more.

You have changed a life!

We have developed this campaign, in order to decrease dogs over population and reproduction, avoiding a large number of dogs are in the streets. In addition, it would help them to have a better healthy life. Therefore, An earlier prevention would be the best way to save many lives.